Day 1: 30 Things about me


  1. I love to read. Poetry, fiction, self-helps, non-fiction, you name it. 
  2. I love long, hot showers. Something about standing under the hot water as it runs down my skin…
  3. I’m fasinated by asian culture. Thai, Korean, Indian… One of my dreams is to live on the other side of the world. 
  4. I’m scared of relationships because I might get bored quickly & hurt the other person.
  5. I have a really big problem with keeping in touch with people, It seems like I don’t like traveling to the past and opening old scars.
  6. I’m a gym nut. I’m not sure if my obsession is healthy, but I feel fine. 
  7. I’m a weird kind of pescatarian/ vegetarian. I eat fish seldomly.. mostly at gatherings when I have no choice. 
  8. I am very, very intolerant with people who are pompous. Oh, and biggots. 
  9. I’m terrified that i’ll end up alone because of my way of thinking & personality.
  10. I fortget almost everything to a point where I’m scared I might be losing my memory.
  11. My dream jobs are United Nations & National Geographic ..yet my major in college is business. 
  12. I’m too scared and embarrased to go on birth control. I know my parents know i’m active ( well not anytime recently or anytime soon) but still.. weird.
  13. Tea. Oolong, black, camonille, green, NOMMM. 
  14. I grew up in North Carolina, and I have a tendancy to think i’m some hardcore southern girl. Meaning: Fishing.Camping.Cornbread.Football.SweetTea.CollardGreens.VeraBradley.Y’all. 
  15. I graduate in a year and I have no idea what i’m going to do.
  16. Oh yeah, I’m 20, turn 21 in October.
  17. I have a dog, whom I love and his name is Napoleon.
  18. Did I mention my love for mushrooms?
  19. Netflix is a drug. That 70’s show, House, Korean soapoperas
  20. I have random color obsessions, and I buy everything that color and not notice it. Right now: Pink
  21. I have a thing for pictures. Printed Pictures.
  22. I should have been alive to live through the late 60s and 70s. Led Zeppelin, The Doors, Creedance, Janis Joplin, ACDC, Rolling Stones
  23. I get really stubborn, and catch an attitude when somebody tells me I’m wrong.
  24. I enjoy making lists on Spotify
  25. I want to learn design. Digital Art and clothing.
  26. I enjoy hitting things. Hapkido & Muay Thai
  27. Feed me anything Thai or Korean and i’ll be so happy
  28. My dad is my role model.
  29. I have never-text-back syndrome.
  30. Little thing: Taking in longgggg deep breaths of fresh air.